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    flyin miata front sway bar


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    flyin miata front sway bar Empty flyin miata front sway bar

    Post  99miata on Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:48 pm

    well after i got my car all fixed up and back again for those who knew about it i think i may have posted it here. but any way while my car was in the shop i decided to order the flyin miata 1 inch sway bar got it in the day after i got the car back i was so stoaked ran out to put it on mazda factory sway bar links suck couldnt get them out so before i completely had it apart i order the racing beat sway bar links, racing beat sway bar brace, and racing beat end link tabs finally had time today to get it all in after torching the old end links out (bastards) got to say made wonders surprisingly the car still oversteers slightly so a little stiffing of the front one and removal of the rear sway bar (diet) should get it pretty good.
    grand total for every thing i believe was roughly 200 shipped. real easy to install just adjust preload is the hardest part but is still easy. the end link tabs do need welded on so that part is up to you, basically it takes your mount on your control arm from a L bracket to a U bracket in short terms less flex, stiffer bar

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